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    Then when I emailed them to complain and request a refund, they got my information wrong twice and then gave me the run-around. But your site could can ask for more money in various ways. I don't know what you people are up to but I want my money back now. I think it is unfair that you don't have an easier way to communicate with whomever has this site up and running. Now I only get messages from men 30 years older than me and I noticed they have made fake accounts in areas of where I live to give the illusion that there are people in my area I kept getting more and more messages for men. Once I get off the site, then I have 40 and 50 views.

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  • Results 1 - 15 of How do I cancel my free account and remove my profile from the site? How to joinstart a subscription or upgrade · I have a billing question.

    Go to your 'My Account' page. Click on 'View Account Status' under Account Status. Click on 'More Account Status Changes'. Click on 'Remove My Profile'. If you would later like to join BlackPeopleMeet again, you will have to create a new profile from scratch.

    How To Delete BlackPeopleMeet Account Solved How To Delete Account

    Follow the instructions below to see how to delete.
    Fraud by BPM About an hour ago which would be 9: These people are crooks and need to held accountable for there actions. Deleting Can not delete profile or account off your site.

    images remove blackpeoplemeet profile

    I'm very disappointed with how they set up the upgrades but never explain that you would have to pay a full regular sign up fee plus the upgrade amount. COM - a charge of How to cancel This site never provided a link to my account status. Then I was told after putting up a argument that they would close my account and do a full refund.

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    images remove blackpeoplemeet profile
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    This would not work.

    I want a refund. Get this right or we will be taking it to our legislators I have tried to get into my account to cancel.

    Refund I signed up for one month and I was charged extra for an upgrade. If you paid for your subscription using a multi-payment option, you must make all payments even if you cancel your subscription prior to the end of your then existing subscription commitment period.

    How to Delete BlackPeopleMeet Account.

    Easy steps to follow and complete the process. How to get rid of your profile today. This manual shows how to remove a BlackPeopleMeet account. Follow the instructions and close your profile. Click the Remove My Profile link.

    Respond to the short question and then confirm your cancellation.

    BlackPeopleMeet Review November Scam or real dates

    Please note, all emails, photos, records.
    I looked for a way to contact the customer service. I took pics of the numbers and how they kept changing throughout the process of before I upgraded and right afterwards and then how they disappeared. Not a member of Complaint Board? Consumer complaints and reviews about BlackPeopleMeet.

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    Also, now I notice there were two charges from BPM on my pending bank charges:

    images remove blackpeoplemeet profile
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    So I wrote to her my concerns that the company is engaging in fraudulent activities to lure men to join this site and no wonder the rates have drastically decreased in recent years.

    Refund due to wrong amount.

    This website and company is a disgrace. I am being held hostage and forced to pay for a service that I am not pleased with and do not want.

    images remove blackpeoplemeet profile

    I will contact the attorney general, BBB and any consumer advocacy board to put you guys on blast. I didn't think about how impossible that was considering my profile was not even done nor upgraded for use. I have tried once to cancel membership because they renewed me and I asked them not too.

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    • Samusho

      I'm like really and that was for a 3 months subscription and I only wanted 1 month. Regardless, my bank USAA percent disabled veteran and I will be calling this possessed company first thing Monday morning to stop these pending charges.

    • Sazuru

      Refund and Cancellation I signed up for a free trial yet was asked for my credit card for a subscription after the trial.

    • Dular

      They not only charged me for a subscription but also tagged on fees on separate charges. I did not want to hit either.