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    Sti escort gun reviews

    images sti escort gun reviews

    The STI trigger bow is made of stainless steel, and the trigger has a set screw to allow the owner to adjust the overtravel if desired. Compact pistols can be finicky. One of my favorite styling features of the gun is the STI cocobolo grips. I experienced only one malfunction with any of the self-defense ammo. Shooting USA takes a closer look. These grip panels are finely detailed with a deep, rich red color. For more information, visit http:

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  • Average Joe's Handgun Reviews STI Shadow

    This is a review of the Escort from STI International. This gun is said to be one of the best pistols on the market, but is it?.

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    STI makes the Escort in two very popular calibers: 9mm and ACP. My review gun was chambered for the classic ACP and came with a. sti, sti escort, sti escort pistol, sti escort triggers. Trending. Gun Review: New vs.

    STI Escort Review Forum

    NEW GUN: The Nighthawk Agent 2 Pistol in 9mm & ACP.
    STI undercut the triggerguard on the Escort. Escort frames are made of forged aluminum.

    images sti escort gun reviews

    I was eager to get the Escort to the range to see what this pistol would do. As with any lightweight, compact. With the right rig, the gun can be concealed under a Florida summer T-shirt as readily as a Maine winter coat.

    Shooting a combined rounds of Remington UMC and Federal American Eagle grain ball ammo, I experienced no malfunctions and felt the gun was broken in and ready for some hollow-point HP ammunition.

    images sti escort gun reviews
    Sti escort gun reviews
    Ry the car guy 34, views.

    STI Escort Review

    The trigger felt good. Beretta 92FS vs Glock - Duration: Springfield Range Officer Compact - Duration: Military Arms Channelviews. There was a small amount of take-up and no overtravel as it was delivered.

    I experienced only one malfunction with any of the self-defense ammo.

    I immediately perused the STI online catalogue and asked the gun shop manager if he could procure an STI Escort. It looked identical to the. It was exactly the gun I'd been asking for since my review of the Tactical .

    images sti escort gun reviews

    Change the name to STI Escort and have it delivered by one for the. STI Escort. "A beautiful 3 inch that performs as well as it looks." A Gun Test by Steve Clark (Rio Vista Slim, E-mail Steve). When any manufacturer of.
    After the range trip, I discovered that the left grip panel visibly wiggled against the frame.

    I would not expect that any proficient shooter would have problems with controlling the gun during rapid fire.

    A few turns of an Allen key tightened the grip panel back down. There has always been a great deal of debate about the best handgun to carry for personal protection.

    What this means is the triggerguard curves up where it meets the grip, allowing the gripping hand to grasp higher on the frame. While it does feel different from a metal trigger, I could not find any fault with its performance.

    images sti escort gun reviews
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    These grip panels are finely detailed with a deep, rich red color.

    STI Escort A CarryReady

    STI uses a polymer trigger in the Escort pistol. In a situation where both hands are not available, being able to run the gun with only one hand is critical. Perhaps no pistol is more readily identifiable than the According to STI, the polymer triggers prevent inertial firing from a drop or other hard impact.