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    There was generally not enough sunshine for the grapes. The harvests began on 15 September. Signature Wine style While it does not have the silkiness of theit does, however, have an exceptional bouquet and an unusual intensity on the palate. Despite a difficult vinification, the resulting 54 barrels of Latour were rich and concentrated. A rather disappointing vintage, poor and lacking in charm. The weather in June and July brought alternating periods of humidity, rain and heat, which resulted in the development of mildew. The harvests began on 1 October in the rain, but continued in good weather from 5th to 14th. On 19 September, 35 mm of rain washed the grapes of any impurities before the harvests. Signature Wine style Tasting the 73 is often a pleasant surprise. In August, the sky was frequently overcast and temperatures were cool.

  • Latour Fine Wine from Bordeaux
  • Meursault 1er Cru Château de Blagny Maison Louis Latour

  • images chat latour 2006

    Premier Grand Cru Classe in Chateau Latour SBL 1er Cru Classe, Pauillac AC, MC $ Bottle ex. Chateau Latour, Pauillac $ Bottle ex.

    Ch. Latour is the wine of the vintage. The pure, dark Red | For laying down | Chateau Latour | Code: | | France > Bordeaux > Pauillac | Cab. The Latour performed even better from bottle than from barrel.

    This is a beautifully rich Chateau Latour boasting a dense ruby/purple color, a sweet.
    Signature Wine style This wine was rather austere in its youth, but developed rapidly. On the palate, these were soft, elegant, full wines, concentrated but with no harshness, enabling them to age harmoniously. August was rather cool.

    images chat latour 2006

    The end of August was much more variable with an alternation of cloudy, rainy spells with long sunny periods. Some flower abortion was noted in the older Merlot vines in the Enclos.

    images chat latour 2006
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    A great success for the year.

    Latour Fine Wine from Bordeaux

    Flowering is recorded as starting on 1 June. Bouquet of cigar, coffee, cedar, wax and spices. It was recorded that the vines at Latour were in full bloom on 15 June and flowering proceeded in excellent conditions. Ripening began on 25 July but progress was slowed by a degree of dryness.

    Chateau Latour from Pauillac, Bordeaux, France - Ex-Chateau Release - March Despite the heavy rain in September, the wines were very richly.

    Average of 95 points in 29 community wine reviews on Château Latour glass (very thoughtfully decanted about 6 hours prior by our host at the chateau). Latourfrom Chateau Latour price and wine investment information from Cult Wines.
    On the palate, the wine is rounded and smooth, spicy and very aromatic. Signature Wine style The wine was disappointing: The harvest was better than expected and a pleasant surprise. Very wet winter, but February was very mild.

    Botrytis was visible but was completely eliminated by sorting in the vineyard.

    Meursault 1er Cru Château de Blagny Maison Louis Latour

    It rained almost continuously from 7 to 17 October.

    images chat latour 2006
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    Signature Wine style Concentrated, with powerful, delicious tannins, this wine achieves a good level of quality and has character. Exceptionally fine weather for the harvests during the first half of October.

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    The winter was drier than normal. The harvests were very spread out, from 10 September to 2 October, in order to get the best out of all the plots. A hot, dry July encouraged good growth. This enabled an optimization of a valuable balance between high phenolic indicators, correct sugar levels and fairly high acidity.


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      Signature Wine style A little austere at first compared to the previous vintage, the concentration of this wine then takes on a delightfully rich aspect: The wines presented all the characteristics of exceptional years: