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    Gross stories from ww2

    images gross stories from ww2

    Use My Facebook Avatar. Yep, Adolf Hitler could have had some nukes to play with if it wasn't for these guys:. They carjacked a wagon and pimped it with belt-fed machine guns salvaged from the wreckage, then went around shooting guns and taking hostages. Word of the attacks reached the island anyway, at which point the situation turned rather awkward -- Shigenori demanded that the guy who pulled his ass out of the wreckage, Howell Kaleohano, return some Japanese documents he'd grabbed from the plane. They also went back to Kaleohano's house and burned it to the ground for no reason, since Kaleohano was by then in the process of rowing to the nearest payphone. The best evidence of how batshit things got is that so many of the weirder stories just became footnotes in your history book.

  • 5 Insane True Stories That Change How You Picture WWII

  • The best evidence of how batshit things got is that so many of the weirder stories just became footnotes in your history book.

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    Let's ease you into this list of creepy war stories with this image of a specially bred. and spurring disgusted rage (which they did), but of just gross. During World War II, nine American servicemen were shot down over. Read about the strange truths from WWII that the history books often wash over.

    5 Insane True Stories That Change How You Picture WWII

    In World War II, British soldiers got a ration of three sheets of toilet paper to the fields of the Negro League · The 5 biggest stories around the.
    The fact that they didn't use any is all thanks to one individual who single-handedly threw a wrench in this Nazi super-plot. Presumably, he grew into a giant and stomped Tokyo after that. Add me to the daily newsletter.

    images gross stories from ww2

    Kaleohano declined, presumably because toilet paper was a rare commodity on the island. Add me to the weekly Newsletter. I agree to the Terms of Service.

    images gross stories from ww2
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    According to a former official of the Manhattan Project, after the U submarine was captured en route to Japan, the German uranium ended up going into the atom bomb we dropped on Hiroshima.

    Now bring us some Mai Tais. He attacked the guard keeping tabs on Shigenoriand then the two paid Kaleohano a visit to politely ask for the secret papers back with a shotgun. After famously inventing an earthquake machinealternating current, and even dronesTesla claimed in that he had a "death beam" that could wipe out entire armies.

    We're pretty confident that if there is ever a war crazier than WWII, none of us will survive it. Naturally, the commandos put the "stop Hitler from getting the bomb" plan on hold until they'd located gramps' glasses.

    Basically my Grandad (British Army WW2) was assigned to a group.

    Wikipedia tells the story much better than I'm going to, but York was a. A recovered account of World War II opens a grandson's eyes to how the We all voted for the right gunner, Milton Gross from Philadelphia.

    images gross stories from ww2

    Contributed by: Bernard de Neumann; People in story: Pamela de Neumann [ The Mata Hari, British, gross tons, was a P and O ship on full charter to the.
    You can and should read some of his other awesome articles here.

    The residents of Niihau, the smallest main island of Hawaii, treated Shigenori exactly the way you'd expect cartoon versions of Hawaiians to treat an enemy combatant: I agree to the Terms of Service. Germany's biologists didn't just sit around comparing beards in WWII; they actually figured out how to make all sorts of bioweapons. Even without dirty bombs, they could have still done plenty of damage -- and they almost did, if it wasn't for a little scheduling mishap.

    images gross stories from ww2
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    Add me to the weekly newsletter. Or at least the Germans thought that was the only way in -- the Norwegians simply climbed down the supposedly un-scalable ice gorge and snuck into the factory.

    Ina high-ranking Nazi scientist recommended, "America must be attacked simultaneously with various human and animal epidemic pathogens as well as plant pests.

    images gross stories from ww2

    One of the experimenters tested it on himself for a few seconds and felt dizzy and fatigued for the next 24 hours. Because the boss-man didn't like it. Why are the Nazis so angry?


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      Not only did the commandos complete their mission without casualties they released the caretaker and another civilian as soon as the fuses were lit and get medals up their asses, one of them and three other Norwegians actually came back later to sink the ferry the Germans were trying to use to evacuate the heavy water they already had. The moral of this story: