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    Real apple charger

    images real apple charger

    I understand people want to make money with their products but these guys have crossed the line into social irresponsibility. After reading your post, I became suspicious that it could be a counterfeit one because it had a plastic ground pin and the text on its body became unreadable after several years of usage. The iPad charger seems to be he same, and that is logical as the plug can be exchanged, but the iPhone charger looks like a standard EU-plug, just a bit longer. It is just to the left of Roosevelt's chin on the dime. Three of the four wires connect in the lower left, and the fourth in the lower right. As discussed earlier, the secondary winding is plain copper wire, not triple-insulated wire, which is a significant safety flaw. The article discusses how capacitive touchscreen ICs need to sense pico-Coulombs of charge, which is very difficult when AC noise is present. For more on running power supplies at Hz, see this article.

  • iPad charger teardown inside Apple's charger and a risky phony

  • images real apple charger

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    images real apple charger

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    He keeps talking bout the so called 'flyback' transformer', yet both circuit examples use standard high frequency transformers - not flyback types.

    The DC voltage is approximately sqrt 2 times the AC voltage, since the diode charges the capacitor to the peak of the AC signal. The counterfeit also doesn't use the more expensive split, multi-stranded windings that the genuine charger uses.

    The led on the connector does not light up at all. Surprisingly I didn't find the control IC in it.

    The "T3" diodes are fast switching diodes datasheet. Splitting the primary winding into two layers is more expensive, but results in a better transformer due to better coupling of the magnetic fields.

    images real apple charger
    Real apple charger
    From the Crestron site: A Counterfeit iPhone charger that burned up.

    The second one, the cord didn't feel genius like the original. Thus, the input of to volts AC is converted to a DC voltage of to volts internally.

    iPad charger teardown inside Apple's charger and a risky phony

    Could it be because of spike in voltage beyond V?

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    images real apple charger

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    The led on the connector does not light up at all. If the voltage spike manages to kill the AC adaptor as well, that's not so bad.

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    It controls the switching frequency and length of time the power is switched on, with different behavior under no load, low load, and high load, as well as constant monitoring for faults. Especially given that power supplies and conditioners themselves actually have a finite service life.

    But with the iPhone 5 I experienced the issue with touchscreen interference. I wonder if supplying a power to iPhone from any Mac has any difference comparing to wall chargers? The component in the protection circuit that looks like a transistor is a BAV70 dual high-speed switching diode datasheet.

    images real apple charger
    Real apple charger
    Why haven't we heard of Samsung and Blackberry users needing to change their chargers so often?

    Ken that was a fantastic post! If there is a flaw in the tape or the wires shift too far, then zap!

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    If you look very closely, you can spot are a few differences in the text: But when you're running out of spec there aren't any guarantees, so don't blame me if something goes wrong. This is one difference between the chargers that is visible externally if you slide the power plug off the charger.


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      Using triple insulation is a tool, not a requirement, and there are valid reasons for using it and valid reasons for avoiding it in any specific design.

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      The input capacitor smooths out this power. Feels good to reach such technical and actual engineering stuff on the internet.