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    Pompeii sextonville

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    New troglobitic crayfish with comments on its relationship to epigean and other hypogean crayfishes of Florida. Procambarus angustatus Le Conte, Faxonius longidigitus Faxon, Ng laid down the foundation of author citation in decapod literature, which since has been followed in all major compilations of decapod higher level taxonomy De Grave et al. Procambarus escambiensis Hobbs, b: It is therefore difficult at times even to place new species in the appropriate subgenus. Procambarus gibbus Hobbs, b: We have revised the classification of the North American taxa, especially at both generic and subgeneric levels, based on recent phylogenetic results. New species of Australian freshwater and land crayfishes family Parastacidae.

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    images pompeii sextonville

    2 (“River Sarno, Pompeii, Italy”). 25, 26 (“NSW Gorge Creek, Richmond Range State Forest, on Gorge Creek-Sextonville Road, (28°45ʹS.
    Paranephrops zealandicus White, Faxonius meeki meeki Faxon, Euastacus kershawi Smith, Astacus balcanicus graecus Starobogatov, Euastacus polysetosus Riek,

    images pompeii sextonville
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    Cambarus Cambarus angularisa new crayfish Decapoda: Procambarus pictus Hobbs, a.

    Cambarus reburrus Prins Hobbseus petilus Fitzpatrick, Faxonius putnami Faxon,

    pinckney, michigan · pinconning, michigan · plainwell, michigan · pleasant lakemichigan · pleasant ridge, michigan · plymouth, michigan · pompeii, michigan. POMPEII, POMPEII,MI.

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    Pontiac.P Pontiac Lake.P Pori.P Port Austin.P Port Hope.P7. Port 6 Sextonville.S Seymour [Outagamie County] .
    Procambarus villalobosi Hobbs, c: Faxonius obscurus Hagen, Cherax minor Holthuis, A new crawfish of the genus Cambarus from southwest Louisiana Decapoda; Astacidae.

    A new crawfish of the subgenus Girardiellagenus Procambarus from northwest Arkansas Decapoda, Cambaridae.

    images pompeii sextonville

    Euastacus neohirsutus Riek, Procambarus pallidus Hobbs, a.

    images pompeii sextonville
    Pompeii sextonville
    A new crayfish of the genus Procambarus from southwestern Arkansas.

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    Two subgenera have been mentioned in the literature within the genus Cheraxnamely Astaconephrops and Cherax. Using a combination of procedures to estimate phylogeny. Procambarus troglodytes Le Conte, Taxonomic re-examination of Cambaroides Decapoda: