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    After the video, Sullivan stood there speechless, and his manager Jimmy Hart led him off stage. She began carrying a Singapore cane with which she would strike The Sandman's opponents. Skyhorse Publishing Company, Incorporated. Retrieved July 9, At the same event, Peaches attempted to reconcile with The Sandman. After Nancy's death inHustler published nude photographs of Nancy from a shoot taken when Nancy was 20 years old. Archived from the original on June 27,

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  • Nancy Elizabeth Benoit was an American professional wrestling valet and model.

    images nancy woman sullivan

    She was best After Sullivan left ECW in springWoman began managing The Sandman. The Sandman's character was estranged from his wife and.

    Nancy Daus-Sullivan was born on May 21, in Orlando, Florida, USA as Nancy Elizabeth WCW Monday Nitro Woman / Woman- The Four Horsemen. Nancy Sullivan: No, HBK is not talking to WCW, but he maybe soon if Vince doesn't meet his contract. Greg Redden: How did you meet your husband, Kevin .
    Woman interrupted the reconciliation, caning Peaches and threatening The Sandman.

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    Retrieved August 7, The length of time between the events caused controversy, causing critics to claim that Hustler owner Larry Flynt was attempting to capitalize on the event. Archived from the original on June 27, After months of convincing, Nancy finally became an on-air valet, taking the ring name "Fallen Angel".

    images nancy woman sullivan
    Nancy woman sullivan
    Before her marriage to Kevin Sullivan inNancy had previously been married to and divorced from Jim Daus.

    Retrieved January 17, Williams 13 December Nancy's final WCW appearance and professional wrestling appearance as Woman took place on May 26, on Monday Nitro as she accompanied Benoit to the ring for a confrontation with Jimmy Hart regarding the whereabouts of Sullivan, who wasn't in the arena.

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    Woman taunted Sullivan by saying, "You can't find me" and "I'm my own woman," while Benoit added: What's more, Sullivan lost a retirement match to Benoit. This page was last edited on 25 Octoberat

    Did you know that some of the pictures that can be seen below were offered to the public by Tri-Media Productions? The pictures were promoted as "The Private.

    images nancy woman sullivan

    Photographer shot Nancy "Woman" Benoit into wrestling. By BRIAN Nancy was dubbed "The Fallen Angel," and became Sullivan's valet.

    Woman, The Fallen Angel, Nancy Daus Sullivan Benoit

    Linking Martel to the deaths of Nancy and husband Chris Benoit and their son Daniel is former pro wrestler Kevin Sullivan, a man once married.
    She began carrying a Singapore cane with which she would strike The Sandman's opponents. Archived from the original on May 25, In the mids while Nancy was married to Sullivan, she was having an extramarital affair with Chris Benoit. In her next anglethe two bickered, not getting along in general. Retrieved July 9,

    images nancy woman sullivan
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    Retrieved June 26, Following the bout, Woman announced that she was leaving The Sandman as he was now "useless".

    images nancy woman sullivan

    Archived from the original on May 25, Archived from the original on October 7, His intent had been to retire from in-ring action and focus on booking.


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      On June 22,she and her son were murdered by her husbandwrestler Chris Benoitwho committed suicide two days later. Online World of Wrestling.

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      It was on this shoot where she met Kevin Sullivanwho eventually wanted her to be a part of his wrestling entourage.