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    How to look intimidating girl

    images how to look intimidating girl

    Stop yourself from responding immediately when you have something to say. Cookies make wikiHow better. HS Haider Shah Jun 6, A Anonymous Jul 3, To look intimidating, look confident first.

  • I'll actually answer it. I'm short (5 foot 3 inches), young (19 years old), and pretty normal looking. Clearly just some nerdy girl.

    Theoretically, a good target. Making yourself seem as tall and confident as possible will make you seem more intimidating, so be sure to practice good posture. You can even lean forward a. Cutsie girls with no backbone or strong voice tend to dress EXACTLY how they are.

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    A great way to look intimidating is to be confident, and not just everyday.
    Make sure to cross your arms high over your chest, and do so firmly. While trying to be intimidating, you simply remain silent and don't approach people.

    images how to look intimidating girl

    You don't have to be large to be intimidating. Either way, you will appear intimidating. If you're talking to a popular person, remember that they are just people.

    Stand up straight and be solid.

    images how to look intimidating girl
    How to look intimidating girl
    Having an entourage suggests that you are a leader, and can be intimidating in a positive way.

    Being a "nerd" will not necessarily make you automatically exempt from becoming tough and intimidating. In some cases, it might even seem slightly rude or aggressive.

    A Anonymous Oct 30, If you can cultivate a little mystery about yourself, others might be intimidated and curious about what you are really like. Cookies make wikiHow better.

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    Research shows mixed conclusions, but many believe that a muscular body leads to more assertiveness, and is deemed more intimidating by others.

    Here are 16 signs that you are a strong woman who might intimidate men. and still finding time to blow out their hair so they look good.

    You look unapproachable, or give off that energy that says something The alpha male or alpha female struts in and all the other animals take. When you're in a relationship with an “intimidating” woman, life's full of surprises and excitements. If you're looking for “mediocre,” stay away.
    In many contexts, this stance conveys authority and can come across as intimidating. Try keeping a little distance from others, not being too talkative, and seeming somewhat aloof.

    You can even practice in front of a mirror or with a friend to perfect this technique. Always appear to be busy or occupied with something such as reading a book or working on a notebook or tabletbut don't let others know what you are doing unless they ask. If someone asks you to move, make eye contact with them and move slowly.

    images how to look intimidating girl
    Walking into a new place with a group of people at your back will make you look like you are powerful and important.

    images how to look intimidating girl

    A Anonymous Oct 20, Jasmine Peet Aug 3, While trying to be intimidating, you simply remain silent and don't approach people. For instance, if a coworker sees you busy with a tablet and asks what you are doing, just say "Oh, it's this new work project.

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      Taking good care of your clothing and personal hygiene, and generally maintaining a good, clean appearance, helps convey a sense of assertiveness and confidence.